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The Kempington Group is an energized and progressive search firm which specialize in national executive recruitment in all industries focusing on four functions of Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Technology and Operations.  We partner with private equity and venture capital funded and emerging growth clients all the way to Fortune 500 global organizations. 


The Senior Leadership at The Kempington Group has a tenured wealth of recruiting experience where we put our clients and candidates in the highest regards.  Candidates respect us because we are constantly developing strong relationships.  Companies value our service, reach and transparency.  Companies that understand the investment of the right people in place, we want to earn your business!  Deep relationships are the root of recruiting!    

Our goal is to change the recruiting “game” and humanize recruiting again! The Kempington Group team is in the business of bringing people together for a long-term commitment. This means raising the level of respect and quality conversations on both the candidate and client side. Through the power of the candidate and company’s story, the recruiting process and the match has been game changing.  We have been working tirelessly to bring the power of the story to the forefront of the recruiting process. 


Our philosophies are clear and precise –

Be honest.  Say it like it is.  Be kind.  Always laugh. 

You need to have a collaborative hiring process.”

Steve Jobs 
Enthusiastic people mover, influencer and talker! As Founder of The Kempington Group, Monique Porras promotes her business through openness, deep networks and a sense of humor.  Advocate of charity work
Founder & CEO

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