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Companies that understand the investment of the right
people in place...we want to earn your business! 
We know the "people" side.
Deep relationships are the root of recruiting!


the recruitment process
                                begins like this...

Aggressive Research

Through calculated and proven research, we take the data you provide and create an action plan! We go further than simply looking at the black and white skillset on one's resume. It is about a work culture match that will have a long lasting effect on your company's reputation and bottom line. 


Connecting To The World

Our research team will take no prisoners when directly reaching out to candidates. Through creative resources and personal networks, The Kempington Group's reach is immeasurable.  


Most of our conversations are with individuals not actively seeking to make a change.  This means connecting with passive candidates and presenting a more favorable opportunity.  Your opportunity!


The Unveiling

Once we have determined the candidate is a viable match to your search, The Kempington Group will showcase their credentials in a comprehensive manner. We pride ourselves on sharing in-depth information beyond the resume inclusion. We will do the leg work in setting up interviews with your organization so you can focus on your business.


The Breakthrough

Offer time is always a pivotal moment. We make sure to discuss before hand counter offers, resignation, financial negotiations, transitions and onboarding, all while remaining transparent to both you and the candidate.


Say It Like It Is

Simply stated - As your recruiting partner and consultant during your search, we are in the trenches.  We see and hear what is happening in your industry from trends to salary expectations.  It is our commitment to inform you of this data.  It only makes our partnership stronger and our longevity vast.   


Once your candidate is placed,
                                 our work is hardly complete.   
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