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THE MONIQUE MANTRA - I am on this rollercoaster with you!

Introducing the Monique Mantra series! Check it out. We can all relate through more of an authentic spirit!


THE MONIQUE MANTRA - "I am on this rollercoaster with you!"

Dear Friends,

I am fed up taking the garbage out as it has become the highlight of my week! I am done binging on Netflix, cooking at home and coming to grips with online schooling. I am calling it a day!

As a recruiter, I am on a rollercoaster just like you. On good days, I make many calls, on bad days I sharpen my skillset. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories of close friends and family getting furloughed or laid off. Here’s the best I can tell you: stay positive, stay calm and be mindful. This is NOT the end of the world!

Here are a few things you must do now:

· Get ready to tell your story to a potential employer. I mean, your true story, your authentic skillset and your personality. Instead of grieving, take a pen and paper now and sketch your powerful story. Why am I uniquely qualified for this job? What makes me stand out? Why should someone hire me?

· Revamp your resume highlighting your impact. Build a case that spells success, show data and metrics but be human.

· Keep your resume short and sweet. Be honest, be authentic and don’t worry about the people who tell you to include keywords that a machine will scan. An impactful resume will stay in the hands of a recruiter for more than ten seconds provided you can highlight your work accomplishments. Take care and in coming weeks, I am going to provide you additional resources.


Your Monique!

April 21, 2020


Monique Porras

Founder & CEO of The Kempington Group

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