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THE MONIQUE MANTRA - Do Nothing. That's Absurd

The Monique Mantra series! Check it out. We can all relate through more of an authentic spirit!


Do Nothing. That's Absurd

Nine weeks into my self-quarantine, I have yet to visit a restaurant and I am too petrified to return to the gym. Yet, I remain committed to keeping my mind sharp! Well, what’s left of it really. 

To break my self-imposed isolation, Dan Bernoske, a brilliant marketing consultant and friend asked me: “Who are your two biggest competitors?” My sharp, in-quarantine mind responded: “Hmm… no other recruiting firm operates in the same manner as ours… No one is set up like mine”. 

Dan swiftly guided me to realize that our biggest competitors are 2 competing mindsets that all of us carry around with us: Let me introduce you to “Do Nothing” and “Do it Yourself.” They are my two biggest competitors, as well!

Let’s focus on “Do Nothing” this week! As a business owner, an employee, or someone suffering from a recent job loss, our biggest competitor is our mindset that easily makes us resign to our fate and do nothing. To make things worse, we also have a prevailing global excuse: “The whole world is in this together and it’s impacting all of us.”

We are prompted not to do anything forever.

Listen folks (I know, so bossy from such a vertically challenged person), what is keeping us down is our mindset not to act. With 50 states slowly opening up for business, there is huge demand for talent in different areas. Being ready is key. Be a leader now and start addressing your recruiting processes, find out new ways of work that’s happening and technology that’s radically transforming our industry.

Or, sit sulking, talk about the first two dismal quarters and think of the past.  Ramp up your efforts to make Q3 and Q4 better. Do something! The pandemic will take its course and leave, but if you don’t act now and find ways to innovate, collaborate and seek out new

opportunities, you WILL be left behind.

It's all in the mindset 

I will leave you with that thought and stay tuned for our next big competitor: "Do it Yourself." This one gets interesting.


Your Monique!

Monique Porras - Founder & CEO - The Kempington Group

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