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THE MONIQUE MANTRA - It's go-time!

The Monique Mantra series! Check it out. We can all relate through more of an authentic spirit!


THE MONIQUE MANTRA - "It's go-time!"

Ok, so life is about to make another change May 15th (for Arizona, at least and already in so many other states) and I am still trying to gauge how I feel about it. Just as I was about to purchase a Peloton and reenact a hard-pedaling session overlooking a gorgeous skyline through huge windows and massive beads of dripping sweat, I thought, this is truly go-time! This is a great time to innovate your recruiting process!


Leaders are struggling with an unknown future ahead of them and some businesses that once thrived may never return. Recruiting teams have been brutally hit- some have been forced to sit dormant, others have been downsized or diminished.

As we think about the recruiting process, let’s not forget it’s 3 pillars- strategy, vision and technology. Here are a few ways we can innovate the recruiting process:

  • Reexamine your job descriptions! Add more story and genuineness about your workplace.

  • Be authentic as the last eight weeks have given potential candidates a lot of time to think about what’s next.

  • Humility and empathy will count more now than bragging about your business and its accomplishments. The whole world nested together, and some core fundamental human values are stronger now than before.

  • Keep an eye on platforms like Glassdoor and take efforts to manage your reputation. Deal directly with individuals who have grievances against your brand and convert them through kindness. 

  • Implement smart rehire strategies!

  • Be agile as the new workplace will demand new skills and new types of candidates.

Together, let's rebound fast!


Your Monique!

Monique Porras Founder & CEO of The Kempington Group

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